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We developed our leadership training programs around the premise that students should strive to be effective leaders who demonstrate excellence by their approach and by their accomplishment, the kind of leaders that by virtue of their superior service will prompt a teacher to write them an uncommonly powerful letter of recommendation for college, or will justify having a teacher or even their peers consider nominating and advocating for that student for truly special awards and selective honors.

Our leadership-focused offerings have been constructed with the view that the most significant way to encourage students into earning and taking real future leadership roles is to develop not just the enthusiasm, but more importantly the skills and capabilities that will enable students to speak up in class, solve problems creatively and to communicate with confidence.  When leadership is attained program graduates can look forward to actually being more successful as leaders.


Children First
Children are our number one priority. Very often children feel hopeless, threatened, and burdened because of situations beyond their control. Our goal is to put children first through a series of steps that include: self-assuredness, respect, inclusiveness and affection.


Support for youth around issues of sexual orientation and gender identity

24 hour crisis line​​

Mental Health Counseling

An individualized approach is taken with each client.  A collaborative, compassionate, safe, and supportive environment in therapy can help to accomplish the following:

Adapt healthier coping skills

  • Overcome depression, reduce anxiety, guilt, fear, trauma

  • Identify healthier choices and enhance decision making abilities

  • Improve physical health

  • Gain control of thoughts and feelings

  • Manage stress

  • Effectively deal with anger

  • Improve relationships and communication


Sexual orientation is the way you identify yourself – through desires, feelings and sexual activity, whether that’s towards people of the same sex or opposite sex from you. Gender identity is rooted less in physical identity, and refers to the way you identify with and express yourself in masculine and/or feminine notions of identity.

When talking about issues of sexual identity we often use the term LGBTI: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex. But we acknowledge that individuals may define their sexual identity in ways not limited to just these terms – and terms to describe sexual orientation and gender identity vary widely from culture to culture.

No matter what your actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity, every person on earth should be treated by others and by their governments as equal citizens. But around the world, people are continually persecuted and discriminated against for who they are, and their sexual feelings and consenting behavior.

We’re working for a world where no one faces discrimination for their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Crisis Intervention

We are committed to using appropriate interventions and programs that promote and resolve issues that will prevent them from reaching their highest potential. We believe that when their needs are met, there is little room for error and complications that may arise during their transition.




In this outreach program, the girls are provided sessions on prevention against sexual abuses to make them aware of sexual exploitation.  Our goal is to offer an experience that informs and energizes your youth, and the adults who care about them, so they want to continue to build upon that experience to improve themselves, their school, and their community. When you add your voice to our chorus, you make us that much louder and that much more effective.



  • Schoolwide models for creating and implementing identity safe and inclusive environments

  • Ideas for putting students in the driver’s seat to lead school-wide anti-bullying efforts

  • Tools for developing campaigns involving students, parents, civic leaders, and the community

  • Methods for teaching all students to move from bystanders to upstanders who speak up for themselves and others

  • Tips for supporting students who are bullied, as well as populations often targeted for their disability, race, religion, sexual orientation or perceived sexual identity

  • Approaches for helping students who bully learn empathy and change their behavior

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